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What is peer to peer lending?

Peer-to-peer lending is the practice of lending money to unrelated individuals or businesses, “peers”, without going through traditional financial intermediaries like banks, often through online peer to peer lending platforms. Both the investor and the borrower benefit, as the lender achieves higher interest rates and the borrower lower interest rates than would be on offer if either had gone through a bank.

The era of the internet, including the rise of the electronic payments systems, has made this new age of peer to peer lending possible.

What are the benefits of peer to peer property lending?

Is Peer to Peer lending regulated in Ireland?

Why is property the most popular sector within peer to peer finance?

About Property Bridges

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Why does the developer not borrow from a bank?

The landscape for development finance has changed significantly since 2008, with many traditional lenders pulling out of the market. Short-term property finance is a popular form of funding for professional property investors, landlords and developers that need to move quickly to secure a purchase, release funds to move onto the next stage of their property project or finance small-scale housing developments. This sort of funding is typically unavailable at the required speed with traditional lenders. 

How secure is my investment?

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Common Questions

What am I investing in?

An investment on our platform is an investment in a specific loan secured against property. This type of investment is commonly known as an asset backed security. 

How does the platform work?

Is my investment secured?

Is my investment guaranteed?

Is the income that I earn net of tax?

General Investor Questions

What are the typical lending opportunities?

Our lending opportunities are loans which have been secured against Irish based properties. We offer bridging, refurbishment, and development finance to construction firms throughout Ireland. Lenders can pick and choose their opportunities taking into account the risk and reward offered on a project by project basis. We would like to stress that even though lending opportunities are secured against Irish based properties, your money is still at risk. Past performance of the market is not an indicator of future returns.

How does a project get listed on Property Bridges?

What are the main reasons why a loan would be extended?

What is a bridging loan?

What is an e-wallet?

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How and when is interest paid?

What is a 1st and 2nd legal charge?

Do these investments carry risk?

How are the returns estimated for each project?

Is there an investment minimum and maximum?


Do I get charged legal fees?

The borrower is responsible for Property Bridges legal fees in addition to their own solicitor's fees. Prior to Property Bridges instructing solicitors for any legal work, the borrower is required to lodge legal fees inclusive of VAT with their own solicitor on an undertaking basis. 

Do I need a valuation on the security property?

What types of projects are available to invest in on Katipult?

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